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Auditing and Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance

We provide Audit and Assurance Services to a wide range of enterprises in various industries such as; Manufacturing, Agricultural, Professional, Commercial and Financial Institutions.

Our audits meet all International Standards on Auditing and we have complied with all local statutory reporting requirements.

In order to ensure the achievement of high quality and efficient auditing, our audits are performed by competent independent professionals. We uphold international standards in our auditing practice.

Audit Approach

Our audits are partner-led, by partners who are devoted to audit and client service.

We adopt a “Risk–Based Audit” approach blending it with technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client and their needs.

We continuously update our audit process and approaches in anticipation of our clients’ ever changing businesses.

Our audit will comprise of the following:


During planning, we review our understanding of the operations, controls, accounting systems. This is used to prepare a working plan of the audit assignment

Testing and Evaluation Control

The operations and control of each cycle are tested and based on the results, the extent of the substantive testing is determined.

Substantive Testing

Based on the above testing we carry out the substantive tests. We also conduct substantive tests on significant sheet amounts.

Concluding reporting

After the auditing work is completed, we will have a concluding meeting with the management. Draft financial statements and management letter will be availed to, management for review.

We perform our audits with the objective of expressing an independent professional opinion on the entity’s financial statements.

In addition, we issue a management letter highlighting major weaknesses on internal controls and other matters which we consider relevant for the success of our client’s business within its context.

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