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Business Risk Services

Business Risk Management

Are you spending money on controls that are inefficient or excessive?

Today businesses must adopt and evolve according to the changes in order to remain competitive, in the absence of change, then the business faces a high risk of failure. We recognize that with change comes opportunity, it is essential to ensure that processes, systems and controls continue to protect value of the business.

Our team has vast experience in risk assessment and control. We use a rigorous approach to assess business processes.

We are able to identify and understand the inherent risks within the key processes, and the adequacy and efficiency of your existing controls in mitigating those risks.

Our process risk and control service delivers procedures manuals, training programs and reinforce the corporate view.

We also offer training on how to improve communication, awareness of the control environment and highlight on non-standard practices.

This ensures that the focus on internal control is more informed.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic Management planning is customized cater for every kind of organization. Whether it is well established, an entrepreneur with vision, enthusiasm and a great business concept or a start-up company.

We are here to help you grow and develop in order to reach the next level of success.

Forensic and Investigations

The team is well equipped with knowledge and insight in Financial Accounting and Unethical patterns of abuse, that enables them to;

  • Track Embezzlement
  • Uncover Misreporting
  • Substantiate Litigation Cases

Internal Audit Services

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve on organization’s operations.

Our standard squeeze of events is:

We Simplify The Complex

Get expert guidance in Audit, Accounting, Tax, and Corporate Finance

Mapping of the process

Interviewing staff to obtain an understanding of your existing business process

Risk Identification

Identify actual and potential risk, both financial and operational

Risk Assessment

Ranking each risk in terms of its likelihood of its impact on your company

Control Identification

Identifying your existing internal controls

Control Adequacy Evaluation

Evaluating the adequacy and the appropriateness of our internal controls

Control Effectiveness Review

Testing your internal controls to assess whether they in fact operate as intended


Discussing all reports with management prior to presenting them to the executive management.